Creative Task 3 – Future Predictions: Where will animation go?


From the oldest animation zoetropes to the classic feature length film! The animation industry has changed enormously over the last 5-10 years and it’s tough to know what it’ll be like in the coming years. But what people will be asking is what’s next to come in animation? The duration of a full feature animated film usually takes four years to create, so you’d certainly think that with technology developing as much as it is today that the duration of film would be shorter.

The development of technology is a never-ending process and thus animation would also evolve. In the past old technology, we have to be amazed by such creativity. If animating graphics can be made from such outdated technology, we can be sure there would be more amazing achievements in the future with the more advanced devices.

Rendering programs I think would become easier and more efficient to use, however the strategies of maintaining the classical animation structure of filmmaking would still surround the animation industry. I believe that animators would still want to be challenged by the concept of 3D graphics however their may be a device that allows animators to think of an object and develop what’s in their head onto the screen. I know this sounds quite complicated of an idea, but with technology developing so quickly I do believe it is possible.

Animation in the future will look more and more realistic however, I feel like cartoon animation studios such as Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks will continue to realise their films in their unique and genuine way. Each of these studios has created their own taste in filmmaking and that’s the reason why their movies are so good. Their target audiences are always intended for the younger audience and often located in video shops as ‘family’ so I believe that if animation becomes too realistic (which I don’t think will happen), then these movies they’d see wouldn’t have the same inspiring emotion as what people used to experience.

Animation wouldn’t just be great for animated films, gaming would be insane and almost feel like each scene and each detail is coming to life as though the players experiencing it for real! A good animation is about connecting with the audience and relating to certain emotions throughout a story, and for gamers in the future they’ll be experiencing things never seen before, which is exciting!

It would be an interesting idea, that 3D animation would be use for real life situations, not just the things we see on television. I’d love to see a character been developed through any technology source and act as a peer or personal individual for people. With an invention like this, it could help change people’s lives that are feeling depressed or upset about something and need someone who can give them advice or provide comfort for people. The majority of people would love something like this, as they don’t have to always rely on the real life people who have a different perspective of life. These imaginary people can be bought to life just like any animation and be given a personality that matches with the real life people.

Maybe in the future, 3D animation would not be limited on 2D screen, but we would see 3D animation on our real 3D environment. Their are so many possibilities and ideas, so why can’t we make them possible by making any animation come alive?




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